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Welcome to August

Greetings and welcome to the bright and sunny month of August! I hope you’re having a great summer so far. I’ve been crazy busy launching the first five books of my newRead More...
By : Mercury McCutcheon | Aug 1, 2015

Free Wallpaper for August

It’s just about time to say hello to the fiery month of August! To say welcome to this hot month, I offer you some cool and refreshing wallpaper! If you’re not onRead More...
By : Mercury McCutcheon | Jul 28, 2015

3 Amazing Mandala and Pattern Project Ideas

If you feel like taking coloring off the page, I’ve found some amazing ideas for you! For these projects, you will need lots of tracing paper! Each project comes with it’s ownRead More...
By : Mercury McCutcheon | Jul 21, 2015

Different Colored Eyes Day!

Today celebrates all the different colored eyes of the world, most specifically, those born with heterochromia (condition where the eyes are two different colors). Eyes are amazing. Some even believe they areRead More...
By : Mercury McCutcheon | Jul 12, 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

If you have some teddy bears, today is the day to get them all dressed up and take them out for a picnic. I’m not even kidding. If you see someone havingRead More...
By : Mercury McCutcheon | Jul 10, 2015

Video Games Day!

Today is Video Games Day–an entire day devoted to the good times that video games provide. From the old-fashioned (and awesome) Atari systems to todays array of systems and computer games, todayRead More...
By : Mercury McCutcheon | Jul 8, 2015
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