Is today a holiday? Yes! What holiday is today?

Array Pattern 038

It’s Lucky Penny Day!

Array Pattern 038 in celebration of: Lucky Penny Day 2015 Today could be your lucky day! Do you remember this old charm: See a penny and pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck. I still pick up every penny I see just hoping it will be “the one.” Unless it’s on tails, […]

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Polka Dot Pattern 001

It’s Pick Strawberries Day!

Polka Dot Pattern 001 in celebration of: Pick Strawberries Day 2015 You guessed it! Today is the day to get outside and find a wonderful and luscious bush bursting with ripe strawberries and pick them! And that is all. Eating them is totally out of the question. Just kidding! Eat them like crazy! If you […]

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Enchanted Pattern 085 Success

It’s May Ray Day!

Enchanted Pattern 085 Success in celebration of: May Ray Day 2015 Today is May Ray Day and that means there is no better day than today to get outside and enjoy the sun! Unless it’s cloudy and rainy, in which case, you might enjoy a day of splashing in puddles as an alternative. But if […]

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Monochrome Pattern 010 Brown

It’s Love a Tree Day!

Monochrome Pattern 010 Brown in celebration of: Love a Tree Day 2015 Trees! Beautiful, stunning, glorious spectacles of nature’s art! Today is the day to get outside and love a tree! Give a tree a great big hug and tell it how much you appreciate its beauty. Give it a great big drink of water, […]

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Array Pattern 006

It’s Pizza Party Day!

Array Pattern 006 in celebration of: Pizza Party Day 2015 Today is Pizza Party Day and you know what that means! That’s right! Enjoy yourself a cheesy slice of delicious pizza goodness and say yum! And party while you do it, if you want. Today is a perfect day for a pizza picnic in the […]

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Abstract Pattern 001

It’s Dance Like a Chicken Day!

Abstract Pattern 001 in celebration of: Dance Like a Chicken Day 2015 Yesterday you may have or may not have jumped like a frog, now today you have the opportunity to follow it up with dancing like a chicken! Yep. It’s Dance Like a Chicken Day. Invoke your inner chicken expressing it with dance. And […]

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Line Pattern 024

It’s Frog Jumping Day!

Line Pattern 024 in celebration of: Frog Jumping Day 2015 Ribbit. If you have ever needed an excuse to jump and hop around all froggy, now you have one–just as the name implies, today is the day to get all goofy and jump like a frog! Alternatively, if you feel too incredibly goofy jumping like […]

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Circle Pattern 008

It’s Twilight Zone Day!

Circle Pattern 008 in celebration of: Twilight Zone Day 2015 It’s Twilight Zone Day and that means awesome good times! Today is the day to enter another dimension of sight, sound, and mind while taking a journey into a wondrous, and hopefully weird land of imagination! May your day be awesome, strange, and in black […]

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Mother's Day 001

It’s Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 001 in celebration of: Mother’s Day 2015 To all the mums all over the world, and especially my own mum–Happy Mother’s Day! Today we celebrate and honor our mother’s–all the big things and all the little things they have done for, and do for us. We apologize for being a total pain, and […]

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Line Pattern 023

It’s National Train Day!

Line Pattern 023 in celebration of: National Train Day 2015 Although the title of this post says, “It’s National Train Day!,” today is no longer National Train Day. It used to be, however, I didn’t get the memo that it had changed until I had already created an adorable design and made plans to celebrate. […]

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