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Welcome to August

Greetings and welcome to the bright and sunny month of August! I hope you’re having a great summer so far. I’ve been crazy busy launching the first five books of my new color magic series of coloring books and as a result, have nothing new to offer you from the world of pattern and design. […]

Free Wallpaper Downloads for August

Free Wallpaper for August

It’s just about time to say hello to the fiery month of August! To say welcome to this hot month, I offer you some cool and refreshing wallpaper! If you’re not on a beach, you can feel like you are every time you catch a glance of these crisp, nautical stripes. Drop your anchor and […]


3 Amazing Mandala and Pattern Project Ideas

If you feel like taking coloring off the page, I’ve found some amazing ideas for you! For these projects, you will need lots of tracing paper! Each project comes with it’s own supply list, but you will want a good supply of tracing paper for all of them. Mandala Stained Glass http://wildcrazygrace.blogspot.com/2012/07/mandala-stained-glass-with-wax-paper.html With some wax […]

Independence Day 004

Welcome to July

Welcome to the blazing, hot month of July! In just a few short days, the forth will be here and it will be time for awesome barbecues and fireworks! I’ve got two new designs for you this Independence Day–check them out! These patterns feature diagonal stripes and diamonds accented with the look of being old […]

Free Wallpaper Downloads for July

Free Wallpaper for July

Say hello to July for in five minutes, it will be here! Welcome the blazing, hot month with some awesome new wallpaper that features a beautifully tattered stripe pattern festively adorned with patriotic stars! Dress your device in red, white, and blue and say yes to the July sizzle! Download for desktop, tablet, or mobile […]

Father's Day 004

Welcome to June

June is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about the magic of Father’s Day! I’ve got one new design to share with you this Father’s Day. Yep. One. It’s kind of neat though, so perhaps it will be just what you’re looking for to make dad feel super awesome and loved this […]

Free Wallpaper Downloads for June

Free Wallpaper for June

June is just a few days away and do you know what that means? Yes! Fresh new wallpaper to make your device the most beautiful and the most coveted! Let this lovely kaleidoscope pattern inspire your month with the infinite and amazing powers of awesome! Download for desktop, tablet, or mobile device and welcome the […]

Mother's Day 002

Welcome to May

The beautiful month of May has arrived! Flowers, showers, and Mother’s Day! I’ve got three new, cheerful patterns especially designed just for mom! Cute flowers bloom love in three different pleasing palettes sure to make mom feel not just special, but cherished as well. Featured here are soft round pillows available from Zazzle. Nothing says […]

Free Wallpaper Downloads for May

Free Wallpaper for May

It’s time to start getting ready for the magical month of May! Brighter days, warmer nights, and colors, colors everywhere! Happy, perky hues form the stylish curves and lines of this decorative ornamental pattern designed to inspire cheerfulness throughout the entire month! Download for desktop, tablet, or mobile device and embrace the colorfully fun days […]

Easter 002

Welcome to April

Hello and welcome to the beautiful month of April! Showers of rain, blooming of everything, maybe a few more sprinklings of snow–it’s a pretty time of year and have I got bunnies for you! Pastels paint these eggs with Easterly delight in antique pink and fresh mint. Nothing says cute quite like pastel. Behold this […]

Free Wallpaper Downloads for April

Free Wallpaper for April

April is just around the corner! In just a few short minutes, it is going to be Easter–quick–get some springtime wallpaper before you blink and it’s Christmas! Bold black lines and hot pink designs form these beautiful stripes of charming cute and elegance! Download for desktop, tablet, or mobile device and have yourself an awesome, […]