Is today a holiday? I say yes!

Tile Pattern 016

It’s Morse Code Day!

Tile Pattern 016 in celebration of: Morse Code Day 2015 Today we not only celebrate the birthday of Samuel F. B. Morse, but also his incredible invention, Morse Code. Spend some time today learning about the innovation and art of Morse Code! Send someone a letter written entirely in Morse Code, or just send a […]

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Array Pattern 002

It’s National Kids and Pets Day!

Array Pattern 002 in celebration of: National Kids and Pets Day 2015 Today we celebrate laughter, squeals of delight, and all the joy of a home filled with bouncing children and pets! There are very few things quite as precious as the image of a child sharing the love of an animal. If you have […]

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Enchanted Pattern 038 Dreams

It’s Astronomy Day!

Enchanted Pattern 038 Dreams in celebration of: Astronomy Day 2015 Today we celebrate the glorious, exquisite, illustrious, world of outer space! If you have a telescope, take some time today to do some stargazing. If you don’t have a telescope, visit an observatory, planetarium, or university and take part in a wonderful opportunity to have […]

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Alphabetic Arts Collection 002

It’s UN English Language Day!

Alphabetic Arts Collection 002 in celebration of: UN English Language Day 2015 Today we celebrate and enjoy the beautiful and often quirky English language! The vast, wildly wonderful, and sometimes curiously weird world of words! Fun! According to the UN, this particular day was chosen to celebrate the English language because it is also William […]

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Kaleidoscope Pattern 008

It’s National Earth Day!

Kaleidoscope Pattern 008 in celebration of: National Earth Day 2015 Since 1970 the Earth Day organization has been working hard to build support for environmental protection across the globe and it is now celebrated in over 192 countries! Why? Because most people realize how incredible, how spectacular, and how utterly unique our beautiful planet is! […]

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Array Pattern 030

It’s Record Store Day!

Array Pattern 030 in celebration of: Record Store Day 2015 I can remember visiting record stores at least once a week when I was young. I can remember the horrible disappointment of the album I wanted not being in stock–then the thrill of finally finding it! All that waiting. I can remember the weird smell […]

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Array Pattern 031

It’s Bat Appreciation Day!

Array Pattern 031 in celebration of: Bat Appreciation Day 2015 I remember once when I was at the zoo looking at the bats there was man there explaining to his son that bats are “rats with wings.” Without even thinking about it, I corrected him and said, “Pigeons are rats with wings, bat are kittens […]

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Array Pattern 032

It’s Save the Elephant Day!

Array Pattern 032 in celebration of: Save the Elephant Day 2015 There are very few creatures that compare to the elephant in stature and in intelligence. Have you ever stood next to an elephant? If you haven’t, I highly recommend a visit to your local zoo. Get as close as you can and just marvel. […]

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Kaleidoscope Pattern 035

It’s Look Up at the Sky Day!

Kaleidoscope Pattern 035 in celebration of: Look Up at the Sky Day 2015 Day or night, the sky is a stunning spectacle! Today is the day to take a moment and really look at it. Take a deep breath and behold its magnificent vastness. If there are clouds, gaze upon them and admire their intricate […]

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Enchanted Pattern 022 Laughter

It’s Moment of Laughter Day!

Enchanted Pattern 022 Laughter in celebration of: Moment of Laughter Day 2015 I open this day of a laugher with a classic joke: What does a snail say riding on the back of a turtle? Answer: Wee! Yep. That’s my joke. Although I do enjoy a good joke, I have zero memory for them. In […]

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