Abstract Pattern 012

It’s Dress in Blue Day!

Abstract Pattern 012 in celebration of: Dress in Blue Day 2015 Although having colon cancer is not necessarily something to celebrate, not having colon cancer is–dress in blue today. Since 2009 the Colon Cancer Alliance has been celebrating Dress in Blue Day on the first Friday in March to not only help bring attention to […]

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Abstract Pattern 011

It’s National Absinthe Day!

Abstract Pattern 011 in celebration of: National Absinthe Day 2015 Once illegal and highly controversial for reasons that included the long-standing belief that it was dangerously psychoactive, Absinthe now has its very own day! Absinthe is sometimes referred to as the green fairy for its amazing, electric green color. Some say this fairy was a […]

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Array Pattern 026

It’s I Want You to be Happy Day!

Array Pattern 026 in celebration of: I Want You to be Happy Day 2015 It’s easy to want someone to be happy, but this day is a challenge to do something to show someone you want them to be happy. It can be simple–a hug, a joke, a smile. Or something more grand such as […]

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Ornament Pattern 008

It’s Old Stuff Day!

Ornament Pattern 008 in celebration of: Old Stuff Day 2015 Some sources say that today is about doing something new and different to shake up the inertia of the day to day. Other sources say it’s a day of reflection on times past in mind and in stuff (such as antiques). Perhaps it’s both. It […]

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I Love You 003

It’s World Complement Day!

I Love You 003 in celebration of: World Complement Day 2015 Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Wow, I really like that shirt.” or something to that effect? I don’t know about you, but most of the time when I have such thoughts, I don’t say anything. Well not today for today is […]

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Line Pattern 016

It’s National Horse Protection Day!

Line Pattern 016 in celebration of: National Horse Protection Day 2015 I once a drove a really, really, beat up Mazda. It was old, ugly, and the fact that it ran bewildered all those who rest eyes upon it. One day I was stopped at a red light when a homeless person standing on the […]

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Saint Patrick's Day 001

March Magic!

I’m not even going to try to write like I’m talking in an Irish accent. However, if you would like to read this post with the voice of a wee leprechaun in your head, I imagine it would make it far more entertaining! Leprechauns! Shamrocks! Green everything! Okay, there aren’t any leprechauns in my designs, […]

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Array Pattern 020

It’s Floral Design Day!

Array Pattern 020 in celebration of: Floral Design Day 2015 Use this day to relax and take in the artistic beauty of some well-arranged flowers! Buy a nice arrangement or a simple bouquet for a loved one, or just for yourself to liven up your home or office. Flowers are beautiful–today is the day to […]

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Free Wallpaper Downloads for March

Free Wallpaper Downloads for March

It’s time to welcome the lucky month of leprechauns and shamrocks and weird green beer with some fun and stylish new wallpaper! Playful four leaf clovers sprinkled like polka dots in bubbles of cheerful white float your way with a super supply of awesome good luck! Download for desktop, tablet, or mobile device and start […]

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Miscellaneous Pattern 011

It’s Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

Miscellaneous Pattern 011 in celebration of: Tell a Fairy Tale Day 2015 It’s Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Make a new one up or pull out a classic and enjoy a day celebrating all the magic and wonder of a good fairy tale! If you have kids, you are probably already telling fairy tales all […]

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